A Vancouver Based Transcription Company Serving Clients Nationwide

A Vancouver Based Transcription Company Serving Clients Nationwide


"Expedite Transcription Services has been of great value to my practice. The transcriptions are done accurately and in a timely manner."

Chris Stewart Patterson, MD, CCBOM, FACOEM
Occupational Medicine

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Ways to Dictate


Our telephone system has been set up to mimic the standard hospital dictation system. With specific key pad functions that allow you to rewind, fast forward, pause and make a report a priority, using the telephone is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Digital handheld

If you prefer to dictate using a digital recorder we are set up to do that as well. Our website is compatible with .wav, .dss or .mp3 audio files that your recorder creates.

For your convenience, we carry Olympus and Phillips players for purchase.

Microphone Tool

Our developer, Dataworxs, has developed a microphone tool which is unique to our web site. Once downloaded, this tool allows you to dictate into your computer and these audio files are automatically uploaded to our website for dictation.

Mobile App

For those wanting to dictate on the go, through our developer we have access to a mobile app. This app is for Blackberry and iPhone and allows you to send your dictation from your phone. This is similar to a hand-held recorder, but the App cuts out static and interference.